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Journey of the Barong Tagalog, Addendum Part 11.11: 19th Century English Artist Illustrations of Life in the Philippines

El Mediquillo by C. W. Andrews - man in loose, striped Barong Tagalog sits in chair while smoking cigarette

This illustration is called El Mediquillo [the quack doctor] (1859 or 1860) by English artist C. W. Andrews. It was published in the Philippine periodical Ilustracion Filipina. Our descriptions of Andrews and Ilustracion Filipina are in our previous installment 11.7.

The male subject here sits casually with his legs crossed in front of windows in a chair with his palms raised as if he was casting a spell with them. His index and middle finger on his left hand hold a cigarette. As the title suggests, this man is an unqualified person that claims to be a doctor or to have medical knowledge or skills. Despite being untrained, quacks give out medical advice and/or treatment. The subject wears a loose-fitting, long Barong Tagalog with vertical stripes, French cuffs and a pointed fold-down collar. He also wears solid slacks and a putong (head wrap) fastened over his forehead.