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Group Sales

Ordering barongs in groups does have its benefits - DISCOUNTS! Group sales = 2 barongs or more for 2 people or more in one order. Size of discounts will depend on how many barongs are ordered, types of barongs ordered and availability. The more barongs ordered, the larger the discount. So go ahead and coordinate with your family, friends, classmates, club, organization, etc. and order some barongs as a group for your wedding, special occasion or just to take advantage of the discount.

Send us a message at info@pineappleind.com (write "Group Sales" in the subject line) or use the contact form below. Tell us about your group, how many people are in your group, how many barongs you will order, where you are, and when you will need the barongs if there is a deadline.

*To qualify for the discount, all barongs must be placed in one order by one person, paid for by the person ordering, and delivery of all barongs must be to one address.