Contactless Custom Barong Service and International Service are available

About Pineapple Industries

Pineapple Industries is a made-to-measure and custom Barong Tagalog brand for all people, regardless of gender, gender identification and gender expression, established in 2017. All barongs offered are made by hand in the Philippines by the best barong makers in the world, and they are available to everyone around the world.

The Barong Tagalog is the national garment of the Philippines. This company was created because there is a shortage of sources for well-made, quality barongs that speak to the style and preferences of people today. Our mission is to make this garment more accessible to more people and to foster a wider and deeper appreciation for what may be the most underappreciated part of Filipino culture: the barong.

With your help, we can reclaim, preserve and move the Barong Tagalog forward, into the present and future, and support garment workers in the Philippines, their families, and communities.