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About Pineapple Industries

The Barong Tagalog is the national garment of the Philippines. Pineapple Industries was created because there is a lack of sources for well-made, quality barongs that speak to the style and preferences of people today. We love our uncles, fathers and grandfathers, but we don't necessarily want to look like them when we wear the Barong Tagalog. It seems that the majority of buying choices for barongs only reflect the values, wants and needs of our uncles, fathers and grandfathers.

Finding a quality Barong Tagalog that fits your body, style, culture, and preferences is a challenging proposition. Accurate and reliable information on barongs is scattered, conflicting and incomplete, and it's difficult at best to find answers to the who, what, when, where, why and how of barongs. We experienced this problem firsthand back in 2013 when searching for a custom made Barong Tagalog. We just couldn't find anything we liked. Nothing resonated with us. Also, you were on your own in trying to measure and fit yourself for a barong, which is a more difficult task than it seems. For most barong sellers, all sales are final and the relationship is over after payment and delivery. So good luck if the barong you buy doesn't fit.

After this experience, we set out to create a barong we liked using the best traditional fabric, best traditional techniques, expert tailoring, and most importantly, made in the Philippines. After a research trip to the motherland and many personal connections, emails and phone calls later, we found our Barong Tagalog-making partners in Lumban, Laguna, also known as the hand embroidery capital of the Philippines. The hand embroidery and barong producing history of Lumban dates back over many generations. After years of developing and making barongs with our partners for people of various body types, Pineapple Industries was born.

Pineapple Industries is a full service made-to-measure and custom Barong Tagalog brand for all people, regardless of gender, gender identification and gender expression, established in 2017. Our barongs are made available to everyone around the world, especially people you wouldn't traditionally imagine wearing barongs. Our mission is to make this garment in its best form more accessible to more people and to foster a wider and deeper appreciation for what may be the most underappreciated part of Filipino culture: the barong. In other words, we really want everyone, and we do mean everyone, to wear them.

We provide our years of experience, expertise, knowledge and guidance to everyone we sell a barong to. We assist all our clients and provide the best customer service every step of the way to find the right Barong Tagalog, and our relationship doesn't end after money is exchanged for a delivered barong. We want to make sure you wear your barong, and we are here to help you get the most out of your investment.

All barongs offered are made by hand in the Philippines by the best barong makers in the world, and your purchases directly benefit them. With your help, we can reclaim, preserve and move the Barong Tagalog forward, into the present and future, and support garment workers in the Philippines, their families, and communities.