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Journey of the Barong Tagalog, Addendum Part 12.6: 19th Century American Artist Illustrations of Life in the Philippines

These illustrations below were published in a series titled The Revolt in the Philippines Islands - Scenes in Manila. in Harper’s Weekly in 1897. The artist is anonymous. Our description of Harper’s Weekly is in our previous post 12.5. Despite the title of the series of images and the Philippine Revolution under way, the scenes here are nonviolent and peaceful.

Manila Types - Native and Foreign from Harper's Weekly. Native and foreign men wear barong tagalog

The drawing in the first image (above) is titled Manila Types - Native and Foreign. There appear to be two European men in the front and to the right. The rest of the men, women and children behind them appear to be native Filipinos. Most of the men here, foreign and native, appear to wear Barong Tagalog, slacks and hats from the west.

Market Time in the Plaza Manila from Harper's Weekly - a bustling market with men in Barong Tagalog and Salakot

The drawing in the second image (above) is titled Market-Time in the Plaza, Manila. A busy and bustling market is depicted with native Filipino men, women and children. The women and girls wear baro’t saya (top and skirt) and salakot on their heads. The men and boys wear barongs or camisa de chino with work pants and hats from the west.

The Enchanted Lake from Harper's Weekly - a Filipino boy in Barong Tagalog and salakot looks out at lake

The drawing in the third image (above) is titled The Enchanted Lake. A native Filipino boy wearing a barong, knickers and a salakot on his head leans on a tree and looks out towards the lake, trees and mountains in the background.