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The Reason for the Name

A quick maraming salamat (thank you very much) to you for the kind and encouraging words and support yesterday. I'm deeply moved and humbled. You made this soft launch much greater than I expected.

So, please allow me to introduce the reason for our name - Pineapple Ind

"Pineapple" is that delicious tropical fruit that Rick Ross likes to eat diced.

"Ind" is short for "industries". The word industry's primary definition is "the production of goods or services", and the secondary definition is "hard work".

There are elements of all of these in our products.

Pineapples' leaves or husks are harvested in the Philippines to produce piña thread and fabric, which about half of our barongs in our store are made of. Piña is made by our fellow Filipinos by hand according to a tradition that goes back many generations. This is a long, painstaking process. Make no mistake, this is hard work.

The video below shows the piña making process. It's an 8 minute video, probably much longer than the average viewer is willing to watch. So imagine how much time and patience it actually takes to make piña.

I watch this video, and I can't help but feel proud of who we are and what our people created and continue to make.