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Ronnie stands in his hand embroidered piña silk Barong Tagalog, a chamisa de chino underneath his barong and black pants in front of stone benches, a fence, a building with a mural, trees and the sky in the background

RonRiz (Ronnie) - Custom Piña Silk Barong Tagalog

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- Traditional (masculine) fit barong

- Hand embroidered "Shadow" front design (companion piece to the Jenny barong). Depending on what your eye catches, you will see crossed oval rings, circles or both.

- Random speckles of embroidery on the rest of the barong 

- Half open pechera (button front half opening) 

- Side vents


- Custom made to your measurements and specifications. *You MUST choose the features you want in the drop down menus above before adding barong to cart. **You MUST also get measured. Please allow at least 2 months to produce and deliver. Free alterations are available after delivery subject to terms. Click here to see "How This Works".

- Available in Slim Cut (form fitting with a little space for comfort and movement) or Regular Cut (with extra space for more comfort and movement). Model is wearing a Slim Cut barong. Click here for an example of a Regular Cut barong.

- Available in Long Sleeve (with buttoned cuffs) or Short Sleeves (no cuffs). Model is wearing Long Sleeves. Click here for an example of a barong with Short Sleeves.

- Available with Regular Pointed Collar or Chinese / Mandarin Collar. Model is wearing the Regular Pointed Collar. Click here for an example of a Chinese / Mandarin Collar.

- As these barongs are customized and made by hand, there may be some variations in color, embroidery and button designs.


- Outer is Piña Silk: 50% Pineapple Leaf Fiber, 50% Silk (synthetic, not from animals)

- Inner Lining is 100% Organza 


Gentle hand wash only. See our FAQ page for care instructions at the bottom. Click here for the FAQ page.


Custom made in the Philippines


All prices are in US dollars


Ronnie "RonRiz" Iquina is a husband, father and so much more in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was born in Stuttgart, Germany and has lived in San Francisco, California; Okinawa, Japan; New York, New York and Al Asad, Iraq. Ronnie is a former captain in the US Army, and he is currently a Senior Integrated Media Executive with Urban One Network where he connects businesses and other organizations to key demographics with his media, digital and experiential expertise.

What has Ronnie been up to? He is all about that Ohio and Midwest Filipino and Asian movement. He is one of the originators of the Kawayan dance movement circa 1997 at the University of Cincinnati, co-founder of the National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP) Cincinnati chapter and Commissioner of the Asian American Basketball League (AABL), where teams from Toronto, Chicago, Atlanta, Memphis, Detroit, Indianapolis and all around Ohio come to compete.

If you ask Ronnie what he is up to now, he is going to tell you. From Ronnie:

I'm raising my two beautiful children and teaching them to thrive as Americans and to take pride as Filipinos. I enjoy traveling the globe, collaborating with progressive- minded humans, curating music and art experiences in my city and sharpening myself physically and mentally as I age and the stakes get higher. As those stakes get higher, I am moving towards securing a legacy for my family by starting out in the real estate and investment arena.

Connect with Ronnie on Facebook here.

Photoshoot Location: Cincinnati, Ohio