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- Contemporary (feminine) fit barong

- Hand embroidered "Ethnic" front design in gold colored thread (companion piece to the Steve barong)

- Random speckles of embroidery on the rest of the barong 

- Half open pechera (button front half opening)

- Side vents


- Custom made to your measurements and specifications. *You MUST choose the features you want in the drop down menus above before adding barong to cart. **You MUST also get measured by a Pineapple Industries representative. Click here to see "How This Works"

- Available in blouse or dress length. Model is wearing a blouse length barong. Click here to see an example of a dress length barong. *This choice is made at your measuring appointment.

- Available in Slim Cut (form-fitting with a little space for comfort and movement) or Regular Cut (with extra space for more comfort and movement). Model is wearing a Slim Cut barong. Click here to see an example of Regular Cut barong.

- Available in Full Long Sleeve (with buttoned cuffs), 3/4 Sleeve (with buttoned cuffs) [click here for an example], 1/2 Sleeve (with buttoned cuffs) [click here for an example], or Short Sleeve (no cuffs). Model is wearing Full Long Sleeves.

- Available with Regular Pointed Collar [click here for an example] or Chinese / Mandarin Collar. Model is wearing the Chinese / Mandarin Collar.

- This barong is translucent, and your purchase does not include the garment(s) that model wears here underneath.

- As these barongs are customized and made by hand, there may be some variations in color, embroidery and button designs.


Jusi: 100% Silk


Gentle hand wash only. See FAQ for care instructions at the bottom of the page. Click here for the FAQ page.


Custom made in the Philippines


Amanda Bernardo, 30, is originally from Princeton Junction, New Jersey. She now lives in Brooklyn, New York, and she is an attorney for a small immigration law firm in the Financial District.

From Amanda:

Generally I get immigrants green cards and defend them from deportation. Lately, in the Trump era, the deportation defense battle is the toughest it's ever been. So as a chair for FALA New York and AABANY, I've been pushing to get other attorneys and the Asian American / Filipino American community in general more engaged and aware of how our immigration laws play out in reality. I'm hoping to get young attorneys and law students passionate and active in the immigration practice, as well, particularly in removal defense where there's way too much notario fraud and a huge shortage in competent minority lawyers.

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Photoshoot location: Harlem, New York